Vocals - Jane Edevane and Mike Williams

Black Velvet founding member Jane has more than 20 years experience as a front line vocalist, and has a diverse voice which can handle rock anthems as easily as a moving ballad.

Combined with male vocalist Mike, who has experience within a number of bands and brings a great energy to any occasion, the pair provide the perfect harmonies and ensure that no event hits a flat note.

Piano and harmonica - Dominic Whittle

Dominic provides the musical backbone for Jane and Mike's vocal talents, and has experience playing genres from boogie, jazz and rockabilly to bluesy ballads. His time within the industry has seen him play in a variety of the top UK music venues including the Royal Albert Hall.

Guitar - Spike Fahey

With over 30 years of gig experience, Spike is no stranger to ensuring every event is as entertaining as possible. From corporate functions to crowded blues bars Spike has played in all kinds of locations, and his funky chops and melodic fills add a welcome aspect to the band's sound.

Bass Guitar - Mike Jackson

Versatile bassist Mike has turned his talents to everything from Christian praise to pub rock, and has worked in bands throughout America and Europe. As well as his guitar skills, Mike also provides Jane and Mike with backing vocals to ensure a rich and tuneful sound.

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Drums - Anthony Varney

Anthony provides the rhythmic backbone for Black Velvet, having played the drums professionally for over 15 years. From a simple beat to intricate fills, Anthony is well-versed in every aspect of drumming, and is an expert at getting entire rooms up and dancing with his funky beats.